3 Casino Games like Slots

slots-vs-pachinkoIt seems that there are no casino games that quite measure up to slots in terms of sheer popularity. After all, millions of people around the globe spin the reels in search of entertainment and big jackpots. But are there any other casino games that are like online slots? Assuming you’re looking for a brief break from the reels, let’s answer this question by examining three slots-like games.

1. Pachinko – Unless you’re from Japan, you won’t see Pachinko offered in land-based establishments near you. However, this game is very much like slots since it incorporates spinning reels. The big difference, though, is that Pachinko features a pinball element, as you aim to shoot the ball into different sections where you’ll then play slots for prizes. Check for this game online since it’s mainly offered in Japanese Pachinko parlors.

amusement-with-prizes2. Amusement with Prizes (AWP) – Okay, so some people just consider these slots games (or fruit machines) anyways. But the key difference between AWP and traditional slots is that users get more interaction with these games. Specifically, they’ll be able to perform actions like “holding” one or more reels in place while spinning, or “nudging” reels after a round is finished. You normally have to earn the ability to use these actions through winning combinations. But once you can hold and/or nudge reels, you’ll improve your chances of winning and have lots of fun in the process.

3. Video Poker – If you’re looking for a traditional casino game that’s more akin to slots, then you should try video poker. These games have nothing in common from a playing perspective; plus video poker actually contains a skill element. However, slots lovers will be impressed with the fact that they can actually chase big jackpots and other prizes through video poker. What’s more is that it’s fun trying to decide which cards to keep and discard in your quest for the royal flush jackpot.