What is Amusement with Prizes in Slots?

amusement-with-prizes-slotsOne very interesting type of slots game that you’ll find is Amusement with Prizes (AWP). These machines are very popular in British pubs, where they’ve largely replaced the classic fruit machines. But to non-Brits, the term Amusement with Prizes is quite puzzling because most people are just used to calling games with spinning reels “slots.” So what makes AWP different from a normal slots game?

Very Similar to a Normal Fruit Machine

If you’ve ever played a fruit machine before, then you should have no trouble adjusting to AWP. These play very much like fruit machines, and the “nudge” and “hold” options are available too. For those unfamiliar with nudge and hold, here are further definitions:

Hold – Put certain reels on hold from a previous spin, and you spin the other reels to determine your prize.

Nudge – You can accumulate nudges, where you bump the reel after a spin to try and win a (better) prize.

You’ll also notice that AWP features three reels and one payline just like a classic slots game. However, the key difference in all of this is that AWP also includes bonus games. And seeing as how you can win prizes in the bound round, this is where the term Amusement with Prizes comes from.

No Real Effect on the Results

It’s worth mentioning that the nudge and hold features don’t really have an effect on the long-term house edge. The average player will still experience long-term results similar to the given payout percentage, and the hold and nudge features are already factored into this. The only difference is that players feel like they have more control over their destiny. But for many, this is enough to spice up their slots action.

Including the bonus round that AWP offers, these fruit machine-style games are definitely worth a try. So if you’re ever in a British pub or scouring the internet, try to find some AWP games.