3 Reel Slots – Not as Lame as you think

3-reel-slotsDoesn’t it seem like the gaming industry has passed 3 reel slots by? It certainly does when you consider the incredible capabilities of many 5 reel slots today – including stellar graphics, bonus rounds and a 3D interface. When you take all of this into account, 3 reel slots seem like games played by old geezers who merely want to experience nostalgia.

But there are still some excellent reasons to consider playing 3 reel games, even today. That said, here are a few points to think about the next time that you’re ready to completely dismiss 3 reel slots.

1. Frequent Wins

We hope and pray for the big jackpot someday. But until that day comes, it certainly doesn’t hurt to win plenty of small payouts along the way. And this is exactly what you can expect from many 3 reel games because they frequently deliver small prizes. Sure these little wins won’t add up to make you a big winner. However, it’s definitely nice to net lots of payouts when you have a small bankroll.

2. A Good Chance to win the Jackpot

Along with plenty of little payouts also comes a small jackpot ( at least in most cases). In direct contrast to the big progressive slots, where you might be playing for a multi-million dollar top prize, 3 reel games normally have a jackpot that ranges from 4,000 to 10,000 coins. And these smaller prizes give you a much better chance to hit a large (but not massive) payout.

3. Simple Gameplay

Slots aren’t the simple-minded games that they once were in the past. And in many instances, this is a good thing. However, it can be kind of intimidating for beginners when they’re staring at 30 paylines, a coin size selector, and different rules for different bonus rounds. 3 reel slots are the opposite of this because, oftentimes, you’re only dealing with one payline and one coin size, with the ability to use 1-3 coins per spin. This really limits the number of options you have to worry about when spinning the reels and it simplifies things.