Should you gamble on the Slots Gamble Feature?

slots-gamble-featureOne fun side feature of certain slots games these days is the “Gamble” option. Following a winning spin, the Gamble feature comes up. If you choose this option, you’ll put your winnings on the line in hopes of doubling them. In many cases, you’ll be playing a card game or another non-slots game in hopes of doubling your money. Some players hate the idea because it’s hard enough to get winning spins in slots. But as you’ll see below, there is definitely one big reason why you should think about hitting the Gamble button.

A Rare 50/50 Proposition

Finding 50/50 propositions in the casino is pretty hard. After all, gaming establishments make their money by having a small long-term edge on the games. But that’s why the Gamble feature is so great because you’re getting a real coin flip from the casino. For example, if you win 100 coins then gamble it, you could win another 100 coins. Seeing as how you’re playing a negative expectation game, it more than makes sense to take the 50/50 chance on the Gamble feature following a win.

Bankroll and Payout-Size Considerations

Just because the slots Gamble feature is one of the best bets in casino gaming doesn’t mean you should automatically do it. You also have to think about your bankroll and the size of the win too. For example, let’s say that your bankroll is only $200 and you hit a payout worth $500. Would you then risk all of this money just because you’re getting nice odds on a bet? Most players would rather just add another $500 to their bankroll and keep playing. On the other hand, if you win $10, then there’s not as much at risk when gambling the prize.

So as you can see, there are some definite things to consider when deciding if you want to risk your winnings or not. If you’re a gambler at heart, then you might want to try and double your money.