Checklist for Slots Freerolls

slots-freeroll-checklistEarlier this month, I discussed how online slots players tend to overlook freerolls, which can be a good way to build one’s bankroll. But I’d like to continue on with this discussion by covering how players shouldn’t just jump into any slots freeroll that they find. The reason being is that specific freerolls just aren’t worth the time to certain players. That said, let’s go over a short checklist that you should consider for online slots freerolls.

1. What’s the Prize Pool and how does it compare to the Entrants?

The first and most obvious matter that you want to check out includes the prize pool size in comparison to the number of players. For example, a $100 prize pool for a slots tournament is nice. But it’s going to be really hard to win any money when there are so many players competing for such a small amount of money. So consider if the prize pool makes a freeroll worth your time. Normally, open entry freerolls feature lots of players while VIP freerolls, which are only open to certain levels, give out more money per player.

2. Wagering Requirements on Payouts

Most online casinos impose wagering requirements on any money that you win in a freeroll. Now you’ll be able to use any money earned in real money casino games, so that’s not the issue. Instead, casinos don’t want people winning prizes, cashing them out, then never returning again. So if you want to eventually cash out freeroll prize money, check out the wagering (rollover) requirements.

3. What are the Rules?

Any time you go to play in a slots freeroll, you should know all of the rules. This is especially the case when concerning the time limit, tournament format and prize money disbursement. Knowing all of this will help your strategy whenever you play in freerolls.

Above all, remember that freerolls can be a great source of free cash for your bankroll. But when looking for freerolls, remember to keep the checklist in mind that we just discussed.