Slots Strategies that don’t work

slot-machine-placementIf you want to win in slots, the best way to do so is by studying strategy. Of course, not all slots strategy that you learn is beneficial or even true in the slightest. So in order to avoid running your head into the slot machine with bad advice, make sure to avoid the following strategies.

Bad Strategy #1: Playing Slots just because the Jackpot hasn’t hit

One of the biggest myths in slots is that jackpots that haven’t paid out in a while are more likely to hit. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though, because everything is random in slots. So just because a top prize hasn’t been hit in a while doesn’t mean it’s any more likely to be won now.

Bad Strategy #2: Switching Games

Slots are very inconsistent in how they pay out. So many times you’ll begin playing a game, only to lose plenty of spins before finally hitting a winner. This leads many players to go machine hopping while searching for the “hot” game. But unless the payback/volatility is any better on the new game you pick, you’re no more likely to win profits by switching slots machines.

3. Not leaving the Same Machine

The reverse of the above is sticking with one slot machine because you think that by continually playing it, you’ll be the one to win the jackpot. This makes sense in theory because the top prize has to pay out at some point. But once again, everything in slots is totally random. So the idea that you’re guaranteed to win a certain game’s jackpot is completely untrue. Yes, more spins give you more opportunities to win. But don’t let this keep you limiting your spins to one machine if you’re interested in trying other games.