Why do Some Slots Players seem to keep winning?

happy-slots-playerIn the early days when I began playing slots, long before I started learning strategy on the matter, I had a buddy I’d go to the casino with. And it never failed that they would hit at least one large (or really big) payout during a session. So naturally, I asked him what his secret was, and he said that he just timed spins correctly and had a knack for picking winning machines. Little did I know at the time, but he was full of B.S…

There’s Nothing to continually winning, besides Luck

If anybody tells you that they can spot the hot machines, or that they win because they time spins correctly, then you can be fairly certain that your buddy is completely mistaken. Sure, there are plenty of slots myths that consistent winners think bring them profits. But the reality is that they aren’t doing anything differently than you to win.

The Random Number Generator is Kind to Them

Another thing that these big winners (including my friend) have going for them is that the random number generator (RNG) is just being nice. As some players know, the RNG determines wins/losses by cycling through countless number combinations. And this right here ensures that every spin is completely random, meaning one can’t simply time spins or pick the “hot machine” to earn big prizes.

Luck runs out Eventually

I should finish up by telling the ending tale of my slots-winning friend, whom I thought possessed some unworldly knowledge. One time we went to the casino and they ended up losing over $1,000 within their first hour and a half of play – thus decimating their bankroll. If this didn’t finally dispel the myth for me that certain players just have a knack for winning, then I don’t know what did.

The overall point here is that you’ll go through ups and downs in the slots world. So keep a handle on bankroll management, be smart with your wins and don’t get a big head when the prizes keep coming your way.