Much of Slots are shrouded in Mystery

slots-shrouded-in-mysteryWhen you play a game like craps or roulette, it’s pretty easy to understand the house edge and your odds of winning with minimal research. For example, if a roulette wheel has 37 numbers, you’re going to be facing a 2.70% house advantage because one of these numbers favors the casino (1/37). Likewise, with craps you’re always facing a 1.41% chance of winning pass line and come bets.

Unfortunately, slots aren’t nearly as easy to figure out. In fact, they are the most-mysterious offering in casinos due to the fact that nothing from the payout percentage to hit frequency is listed on the game. So why is this the case?

Well the gaming industry has never come out and given a statement on why they like to keep slots payback (and more) a mystery. However, one could surmise that it benefits them to keep recreational players guessing on what their prospects of winning are. Furthermore, the idea is to keep people spinning the reels, not doing their best impression of a mathematician while focusing on hit frequency and payout percentages.

But this isn’t to say that you can’t find out anything about slot machines – especially with regard to payback. It’s not usually hard to find out payback for online slots, or at least an online casino’s entire slots selection. There’s also plenty of information available on the internet about the subject. In fact, internet research is the key to learning as much as you can about slots games.

Perhaps you’ll never find out everything you want to know about a certain slots game. And it seems like the industry wants to keep it that way. However, you can at least solve some of the puzzles surrounding slots by putting time into the mater.