3 Things to consider before playing for Big Slots Jackpots

big-slots-jackpotsThere’s nothing more exciting than the fact that one lucky slots spin can change your life forever. And there are plenty of real-life examples of this happening, including when a Finnish man won over 17 million euros playing online slots. Obviously winning huge jackpots like this isn’t that easy, though. In fact there are a few things you should consider before embarking on the quest to win massive slots prizes.

1. Hit Frequency is Low

Hit frequency, or how often you’ll win payouts of any size, is a very important concept in slots bankroll management. Those with small bankrolls are best off not playing slots with huge jackpots because these games pay less often. After all, it only makes sense that a slots game can’t pay as much when there’s a multi-million dollar jackpot waiting at the top. So if you’ve got a smaller bankroll, it’s not going to stretch as far on big progressive slots.

2. Your Chances of winning aren’t Very Good

All those dreams you have of paying off bills, buying fancy cars and living in a mansion….well, for the average slots player, they’ll just remain dreams. You can probably guess that your odds of winning a progressive jackpot aren’t very realistic – especially when it’s worth 6 or 7 figures. But the dream of getting rich through slots keeps many people playing, despite what the odds may suggest.

3. They can get Expensive

If you’re a leisurely slots player who likes betting a nickel or dime every spin, then you can forget big progressive games. Most progressive slots today require a dollar side bet, which can get pricey in the long run. For example, if you’re betting $1 on a game with low hit frequency, you might only be earning back 50% of your bets until hitting a large payout. This is where many new players get fooled because they see a slot machine with 95% payback, but don’t realize that this comprises jackpot winners and everybody else.

The bottom line is that you need a decent-sized bankroll and tempered expectations when chasing large jackpots. But if the thrills attract you to these games, then by all means spin away!