Slots Frustration and How to Combat It

Slot machines are the most-volatile games in the casino. Slots frustration can begin setting in when you keep losing.

You may feel angry and/or like quitting when you’re frustrated with slots. You might even want to throw your smartphone or computer at times!

However, you can combat these angry feelings and have more fun with slots by using the following tips.

Realize How Volatile Slots Are

Slot machines aren’t like blackjack or baccarat, where you win nearly half the time. Instead, they pay out very infrequently.

Of course, slots create the illusion of frequent payouts. Many games have between 20 and 50 paylines, which seemingly offer lots of winning opportunities.

The truth, though, is that each individual line offers a very low chance of winning. Even 50 lines or so together don’t give you great odds of winning in each round.

Fight Off Slots Frustration with Certain Techniques

One of the best ways to combat your frustration is to get out of a negative mindset.

Losing in slots can definitely put you in a bad mood. But you can clear your mind with some simple techniques.

Three to five deep breaths is often all it takes to reset your mind. You might also try meditating on the side to become a calmer person.

You can find even more relaxation techniques here.

Exercise Bankroll Management

Proper bankroll management is one more way that you can stave off slots frustration.

Bankroll management provides a realistic account of how much you can spend on slots. It also helps you avoid blowing money that you don’t have.

An easy way to manage your bankroll is to consider that you’ll lose approximately 250 bets per hour. If you wager $0.25 per spin, for example, you’ll theoretically lose $62.50 per hour.

The dream is to hit a big payout and leave the casino with massive profits. However, you have to be realistic considering the volatility of slots.

I encourage you to consider more ways to calm yourself during a bad slots session. But the tips above should be enough in most cases.