Why Gamblers Choose Slots First

Although casinos feature a number of different games, most new gamblers seem to play slot machines above all. This trend leaves many wondering why gamblers choose slots first.

Slot machines are highly popular among beginners for a few reasons.

Below, you can see the exact reasons why new gamblers feel so comfortable with slots.

Slot Machines Are Easy to Understand

The first reason why gamblers choose slots first is because they’re easy to play. They don’t have complicated rules or in-depth strategy.

Now, some slots do feature fairly confusing bonuses. You may have no idea how a walking wild works the first time seeing it.

But complex bonuses are the extent of slots difficulty. For the most part, you just need to know how to adjust your bet size and push the spin button.

Slots Are Eye Catching

Games like baccarat and blackjack have always drawn players thanks to their traditional look. However, slot machines are more eye catching due to their graphics and animations.

You’ll immediately notice slots no matter if you’re in a land-based or online casino.

Slots floors are quite loud in brick-and-mortar casinos. Meanwhile, they offer cool thumbnails at gaming sites.

You’re highly likely to be attracted to an online slot if you’re just looking for some fun. Software developers realize this, which is why they’re so good at designing such games.

Most Bonuses Involve Slots

Bonuses — especially those at online casinos — are usually centered on slots. For example, welcome bonuses will have terms and conditions where only slots contribute 100% towards playthrough.

Playthrough refers to how much must be wagered before bonus funds can be cashed out. Slot machines are usually the easiest way to get these bonuses when considering the 100% contribution rate.

You may also find that slot machines offer the best deal with regard to earning VIP rewards too.