Slot Machine RTP – Where Is It in Land Based Casinos?

Return to player (RTP) refers to your chances of winning with a slot machine. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find slot machine RTP in land based casinos.

But why is this the case? Find out as I discuss why it’s so difficult to find slot machine RTP, along with where you can easily find payout percentages.

Land Based Casinos Aren’t Required to List RTP

The biggest issue with slot machine payback in land based casinos is that it’s not required. Gambling jurisdictions don’t force brick and mortar venues to make RTP publicly available information.

Instead, land based casinos only have to report their average payout percentages per coin denomination. This info then goes on state gaming reports, which are found online.

Obviously not every gambler reads these reports. And only knowing the average payback for each coin denomination isn’t as helpful as knowing payback for a specific game.

Therefore, you won’t know your exact odds of winning with slots at brick and mortar casinos.

You can Easily Find Online Slots RTP

If you’re concerned with knowing your chances of winning, then you should stick to online slots. Many internet gamemakers feature slot machine RTP in their games’ help screens and/or publish this info online.

Knowing payout percentages allows you to choose games that give you the best opportunity to win long term. That said, internet slots are the perfect choice in order to boost your odds of winning.

Furthermore, most online slots feature higher RTP anyways. Internet casinos don’t have to deal with the same overhead costs as land based casinos.

This enables them to give you a better chance to win with their internet slots. The end result is that you end up winning more long-term money due to the boosted payback.