Self Cleaning Slot Machines Hitting Vegas

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down Las Vegas. When Sin City does reopen, though, casinos may be using self cleaning slot machines.

Many people are germ conscious due to COVID-19. Therefore, Vegas gambling establishments will be looking to provide gamblers with some form of reassurance.

If you’re thinking of visiting Las Vegas when the city reopens, you should read more about self cleaning slot machines below.

What Are Self Cleaning Slot Machines?

Darryl Rosenblatt is behind a team that have invented slots which, they say, clean themselves. He worked with a team of engineers at Smith Rosen to create the SafePlay UV cleaning device.

“We utilize ultraviolet light in a shrouded bar that cleanses the surface of the partition whenever a person gets up,” says Rosenblatt. “So basically, they have a clean area to play in every time they get up from the machine.”

He goes on to describe how no germs can grow on the surface of a SafePlay UV slot machines. While cleaning a game, SafePlay generates ozone—something that has sanitary effects.

Will SafePlay Really Keep Gamblers Safe?

Rosenblatt is adamant that Plexiglas barriers—another proposed solution—won’t stop the spread of COVID-19. He believes that his self cleaning slot machines are the only true answer.

“Casinos aren’t happy with the idea of plexiglass,” he said. “Should a person feel like they’re cashing a check when they go to play blackjack?”

Of course, SafePlay UV remains untested in a standard market. That said, only time will tell if this product is truly the answer to keeping Vegas casinos safe.

Las Vegas gambling venues have been pushing to reopen sooner than later. The city is hoping for a tentative reopening date in late May.

Assuming self cleaning machines work as proposed, they could help increase the odds of Vegas opening again.