Online Slots Tricks that’ll Keep You Playing Longer

Internet slots seem to be the toughest games to avoid losing your bankroll with. But you can help yourself play longer just by exercising a few online slots tricks.

Keep reading to see some tricks that’ll help you stay in the game and hopefully win some money.

Divide Your Bankroll Into Units

The first thing you want to do as an online slots player is work on bankroll management. Doing so will help you better manage your funds and avoid losing everything.

The only problem is that online slots are volatile games that make bankroll management difficult. Nevertheless, you can still pull this off with a little math.

The first thing to look at is how many average units players lose per hour. A good estimation is 250 units (a.k.a. average bet size).

Here’s an example:

– You have a bankroll worth $500.
– You bet $0.25 per spin.
– 500 / 0.25 = 2,000 units
– 2,000 / 250 = 8

Knowing that your bankroll will last for eight hours on average allows you to better plan for the future.

Have a Stop Loss Limit

Even the best bankroll management plans can fall apart if you’re undisciplined. This is why it’s good to have a stop loss limit in place.

A stop loss limit is the point at which you’ll quit a session. Assuming you use the unit bankroll model above, your stop loss should be based on units.

For example, you could quit playing a session any time that you lose 500 units. This gives you a solid guideline on when to quit when things aren’t going your way.

Don’t Fall for the Casino’s Online Slots Tricks

One final tip is to avoid falling for the online slots tricks that casinos themselves use through slots. These tricks include losses disguised as wins (LDWs) and mesmerizing games.

LDWs include any spin where you win a partial prize that doesn’t equal your total bet. For example, betting $1 and winning $0.25 isn’t a win at all — you’ve lost $.075.

As for mesmerizing games, it’s okay to become entranced in a good slot. But be aware of the situation and ready to stop playing when the time comes.