3D Slots – Why are They So Popular?

Online slots graphics have steadily improved over the years. But one of the biggest advancements by far involves the advent of 3D slots.

A 3D slot offers three-dimensional graphics. This helps the symbols and background feel closer to the player and also look better.

It’s easy to see why these slots are popular from a visual perspective. But let’s look at what else makes 3D games so sought after.

Great Atmosphere

The graphics in 3D gaming are just part of what makes these slots so unique. The overall atmosphere, including the soundtracks, animations, and background, is outstanding in 3D slots.

Plenty of Gameplay Options

Older online slots weren’t always the best in terms of betting and gameplay options. 3D games, however, have greatly advanced this category.

You now have the ability to change your bet size, paylines, sound volume, and more. These options allow you to perfectly customize your slots experience.

Detailed Bonus Rounds

5 reel slots have been offering bonuses like free spins and scatter payouts for quite some time. But 3D games have taken bonus rounds to a new level.

Many 3D slots feature detailed second-screen bonuses that are like mini games. For example, a gladiator game might see you battle a fellow gladiator.

Some 3D Slots are Like a Movie

Some gamemakers have taken the 3D genre so far that their slots feel like movies. Betsoft is a perfect example, because each of their games are like a theater experience.

Ogre Empire, for example, features a giant ogre who rules a small town. It’s only when the ogre falls asleep that the villagers feel safe to come out of their homes.

It’s definitely worth giving 3D games a try based on all of the positives that we’ve covered. And you can find Betsoft slots at Drake Casino.