Online Slots Glitches – Sometimes They Happen

Internet slots are considered unbeatable in almost every capacity. However, sometimes online slots glitches happen and change all of this.

These glitches can lead to very profitable opportunities. In the case of a few New Jersey players, such program flaws lead to big riches.

That said, I’ll cover more on this story along with if you can also find advantageous slots situations.

How New Jersey Gamblers Won Big with Internet Slots

In early 2019, a New Jersey online slots player named “Jay” found an interesting design flaw on Ocean City.

This slot had a walking wild symbol that moved one reel over after every spin. But if Jay changed his coin denomination, the wild reset back to its original position.

This meant that all Jay had to do was change his bet amount to keep a permanent wild symbol onscreen. He then contacted his buddies so that they could create more accounts and take advantage.

The group made over $900,000 on Ocean Magic before it was pulled from NJ gaming sites. They later discovered a glitch in another slot called Golden Egypt.

The gamblers make $500,000 on this slot before it too was pulled. All told, they profited by $1.4 million.

Can You Find Online Slots Glitches Easily?

You can see just how profitable online slots glitches can be. But are they prevalent enough to give you an edge?

Unfortunately, you won’t find these opportunities on a regular basis. In fact, you’re unlikely to find them at all.

The problem is that most online gaming companies do a great job of ensuring that their games aren’t flawed. They close out any potential instance where somebody could take advantage.

Maybe you could one day expect to find a flaw that would allow you to win. But the chances are doing so are extremely slim.