Big Online Slots Jackpots – Are They Worth the Effort?

Big online slots jackpots are the most-coveted prizes in internet gaming. They give players the chance to win millions of dollars.

These jackpots grow so large because they draw lots of play. Therefore, the biggest slots jackpots are very popular.

But are they really worth chasing? I’m going to answer this by discussing the potential downsides of big online slots jackpots.

Volatility Is Really High

Volatility is a term used to describe how frequently or infrequently slots pay out.

High volatility means that a game doesn’t pay very often. These same slots cause you to suffer through more dry spells.

If you don’t like going through frequent cold streaks, then you should skip games with huge jackpots. After all, these slots are programmed to offer less-frequent payouts to make up for the massive top prizes.

You Probably Won’t Win

Online slot machines with giant jackpots are great for dreaming purposes. However, these slots don’t exactly provide a realistic chance to win.

Any game with a multimillion-dollar jackpot will probably pay this prize around 1 in 10 million tries, or so.

Maybe you’ll be the one to get lucky. But in all likelihood, you’ll just end up as one of the many gamblers who fail to win big.

Should You Still Play for Big Online Slots Jackpots?

Even after reading this, you may still want to go after huge jackpots. But you should definitely take everything discussed here into account.

The biggest problem is the volatility. The high volatility ensures that you won’t win on a frequent basis.

Another problem is the low jackpot odds. You’re very, very unlikely to actually win the top prize.

In essence, big online slots jackpots are more like lottery payouts. They can make you rich, but they also hit so infrequently that they’re elusive to the average gambler.