Fewer Slot Machines Are Better According to Encore Boston

For decades, casinos have been filled with slot machines. But the Wynn Encore has a new strategy: fewer slot machines are better.

According to the Boston Globe, the Encore Boston Harbor has been struggling with slots revenue. They now feel that the best approach could be to scale back on the number of machines they offer.

I’ll cover more on why this could be a good idea along with if other casinos will follow this trend.

Replacing Slots with Table Games

The Encore got in early on the Massachusetts land-based casino market. Like many casinos, they felt that filling their floor with slot machines was the way to go.

But lately, they’ve begun to change their mind. The Encore has gotten rid of 100 out of their original 3,100 slot machines.

They’ve since replaced these slot machines with table games. In their opinion, the latter gives them the best chance to compete in a saturated gambling industry.

Could Other Casinos Offer Fewer Slot Machines

Slot machines are still the breadwinners for casinos. But some gambling venues may start to follow Encore’s lead in this matter.

If slots aren’t producing lots of revenue, then they won’t be as viable for casinos. Some gambling establishments may look at alternatives, including table games and other options.

Whatever the case may be, casinos won’t just sit idly by and watch their businesses crumble. Instead, they’ll try different things out to turn things around.

Expect Online Slots to Remain the Same

Online casinos don’t have to worry about many of the same problems as land-based casinos. After all, their slots don’t take up space on a floor.

Instead, they can offer as many virtual games as they can license. Therefore, online slots will probably be just as prevalent as ever going into the future.