5×3 Slots: How Long Will They Last?

5×3 slots have been heavily prevalent in both land-based and online casinos for years. A 5×3 slot refers to five reels with three spaces in each reel.

These games have become popular because they allow for plenty of bonus features and payouts. But lately, other types of slot machines are beginning to make their presence felt.

I’m going to cover more on this subject. I’ll begin with how 5×3 slots became popular and why they could eventually be in danger.

5×3 Slots Supplant the Old Three-Reel Games

Three-reel slot machines once ruled casino floors. In fact, they dominated gambling floors for decades.

But by the 1980s, video slots began taking over. These video slot machines eventually began to feature a common 5×3 format.

The combination of video technology and a larger grid gave developers more freedoms. By the late 1990s, they were creating detailed slots with second-screen bonus rounds.

This tradition has carried on to the present, with many slot machines still offering a 5×3 grid.

Many New Types of Slots Are Available

Slot machine developers know that they can’t rely on the same types of games forever. Case in point, they’ve created many new kinds of slots in recent years.

Cluster pays, 5×4, six-reel, and Megaways slots are some of the best examples. These types of games all present slot machines in a new light.

Megaways slots are especially notable. They feature five or six reels, with each reel having the capability to expand from 3-7 symbols.

Will 5×3 Slots Become the New Three-Reelers

Games with 5×3 grids are by no means in danger right now. But this could definitely change in the future.

Players could come to embrace Megaways or cluster pays slots, for instance. Or, they could like some new type of slot that hasn’t been put out yet.

5×3 slots will probably always be around in some capacity. But they might not be top dog in a few years.