Coin Slot Machines Still in Abundance at El Cortez

Coin slot machines are a relic from the past. Most casinos got rid of these games decades ago.

However, one casino still offers a large number of these slots. El Cortez casino has over 200 such slots today.

El Cortez is located near Fremont Street in downtown Vegas. This casino opened in 1941 and has become an icon in Sin City.

This casino’s long history is perhaps one reason why they keep offering coin slot machines.

Currently, they feature both quarter and $1 slot machines. This setup hearkens back to the old days, when quarter and dollar slots filled gambling floors.

What Happened to Coin Slot Machines?

Up until a couple of decades ago, coin-operated slots still took up a sizable portion of gaming floors. The problem, though, is that they’re just terribly inefficient in comparison to other types of slots.

A coin-operated game eats a number of nickels, dimes, and/or quarters. At some point, an employee needs to empty the hopper.

Casinos didn’t mind hiring people to do this job when considering that there was no other option. However, slots technology advanced rapidly over the years.

The ticket-in, ticket-out (TITO) system eventually made coin slot machines obsolete. Ticketing systems are much easier to deal with than constantly emptying coins out of games.

Why Play Coin Slot Machines Today?

The vast majority of slots today feature the TITO system. Therefore, you need to play such games to experience the best graphics and features available today.

But coin-based slots aren’t completely useless. They offer a sense of nostalgia to certain gamblers.

Assuming you ever visited Vegas 15-30 years ago, then you may have played a coin-operated machine. Furthermore, you might have good memories from these days.

In this case, coin slots are a great way to relive old Sin City trips and have a good time.