3 Reel Online Slots Have Changed

Land-based casinos were once filled with three-reel slot machines. Given that online casinos were pattered after land-based versions, 3 reel online slots became quite prevalent on the internet.

Of course, three-reel online games eventually gave way to five-reel slots, which can accommodate more features. But 3 reel online slots still remain at many gaming sites.

You may be interested to hear that these games have changed for the better in recent years too. That said, I’m going to cover more on these changes.

More Features

Three-reel games used to be extremely basic. They only offered straight payouts, with no multipliers or bonuses.

Today, however, these games are much different — most notably regarding the features.

Many 3 reel online slots now offer at least a multiplier wild, symbol, or even bonus round. In the latter case, some games even feature a detailed second-screen bonus.

Such features just weren’t possible years ago. However, developers like Realtime Gaming (RTG) and Rival Gaming have upped their game with regard to three-reel features.

Of course, you’re always going to find the most bonuses with five-reel slots. But the newer three-reel games are nice for enjoying classic slots with a little something extra.

What Does the Future Hold for 3 Reel Online Slots?

I’ve just discussed how much three-reel games have evolved in recent times. But these slots likely have even more changes awaiting them.

I envision 3 reel internet slot machines with multipliers, wilds, and second-screen bonuses all packed into one.

As it is now, most three-reel online games only have one, maybe two features. That said, you can likely expect even more-detailed slots in the coming years.

What else happens will be anybody’s guess. The key point, though, is that three-reelers will still be around in several years thanks to upgrades and changes.