Caesars Launches Vegas’ First Interactive Casino Tables

Caesars Las Vegas has officially released Vegas’ first interactive casino tables. And this is exciting when considering that these tables give skilled players a chance to win profits.

Caesars also released a video on their first interactive gaming table, which features a poker game. You can see it below:

The limited preview doesn’t offer much on how the interactive poker game works. But as I covered before, skill based card games work as follows:

1) Cards fly on the screen.
2) Players try to swipe the best cards before other players.
3) The cards you swipe complete your hand.
4) These games work like regular poker, where the casino takes a portion of each pot.
5) The catch is that the skill comes from swiping cards, rather than thinking about how much to wager on your hand.

Interactive Casino Tables are Just the Beginning for Vegas

Atlantic City has already rolled out skill based gambling. They feature a first-person shooter called Danger Arena, which sees you bet on your ability to blast aliens. But up until now, Vegas has yet to roll out skill based gambling.

What’s exciting is that it shouldn’t be long before before we see Vegas casinos offer skill based slot machines.

I’ve already seen some of these games online. And they’re exciting because you use skill in the bonus rounds to win more money.

But again, I’d like to see skill based slots the next time I head to Las Vegas.

Of course, I won’t mind playing Caesars interactive casino tables either. The thought of skill coming from your reflexes – rather than thinking – is a refreshing break from poker.

I can only imagine how fun other games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette will be when they feature skill too.