Skill Based Gambling Set to Explode in Las Vegas

Skill based gambling could explode in Las Vegas soon, thanks to an influx of new games that will be released.

Gamblit is one of the companies driving this movement since they’re creating a variety of skill based casino games.

As we covered before, they already released Danger Arena. And the company is working on a variety of other releases to keep skilled players engaged.

According to CBS 46, Gambling debuted table-top games inside Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Casino. One of these products is a pirate-themed game where players have to quickly swipe the right cards for the best hand. This really tests one’s reflexes and adds skill into the equation. The goal is to beat other players’ hands while collecting part of the pot.

From Basketball to First-Person Shooters

Gameco is another company that’s working on skill based gambling, and they’re set to release everything from basketball games to first-person shooters in Las Vegas.

The basketball gambling sees you control a player who’s shooting three-pointers. They also have an Indiana Jones-style game where you match up jewels. One more game I watched is the first-person shooter, which actually involves a controller like console-based gaming.

The goal for players is to score as many points as possible in the allotted time – thus increasing their payout.

And as CBS 46 mentioned, the goal for casino is to appeal to millennials and “old school arcade fans who fed countless quarters into video games.”

Skill Based Gambling will Expand into Vegas Casinos Soon

Right now, Atlantic City is the only casino destination that offers real money skill based gambling. However, both Gamblit and Gameco plan to expand this reach to Vegas in the near future.

For the time being, slot machines are still king of Vegas. But it’ll be interesting to see what kind of market share these games command when they enter more casino destinations.