3 Ways to Find Online Slots Payback

Slots payback, or return to player (RTP), is an important concept because this shows how much money you stand to win over the long term. For example, 97% payback means that the average player will win $0.97 back for every dollar wagered. But how do you find online slots payback?

Let’s discuss this matter below by covering three different ways you can find the RTP for online slots.

1. Look at the Game’s Information Screen

Most 5-reel online slots have an information screen. This might also simply be referred to as the pay table or help screen.

In any case, you want to check this area out because it can show a slot machine’s payback. This is by far the easiest way to find online slots payback if it’s available.

2. Google Online Gaming Manufacturers

Do you have a favorite online gaming provider or two? It’s so, then you can google the provider to see the payback on all their games.

An example would be if you wanted to find Realtime Gaming’s slots payback. You could google “Realtime Gaming slots payback” and come up with a number of search results.

The final order of business is to simply choose one or more results until you find a payback list for their games.

3. Read Online Slots Reviews

One more way that you can find online slots payback is by reading reviews.

There’s no guarantee that a review will list a game’s RTP. But many reviews do feature this info, which is helpful if you can’t find the payback yourself.

What’s more is that reading reviews will give you other helpful tidbits, including what features and bonuses a game has to offer.

As you can see, finding online slots RTP isn’t the most difficult matter the world. All you need to do is spend a few moments of research in most cases, and you’ll know how much your favorite games pay back.