Slots Losses: Why Do They Happen So Quickly?

Losing streaks are an unfortunate part of playing slot machines. But why do slots losses seem to occur so frequently?

You may feel that slots are cursed due to their tendency to cause quick losses.

However, these losing streaks can be explained rather easily.

I’m going to discuss the key factors that lead to slots losses and how you can deal with them.

Fast Rate of Play

Slot machines generally play quicker than any other casino game. You can likely get in 500-600 spins per hour, provided you’re not taking too many breaks.

This play rate is especially fast for land-based casinos, where table-games often see 50-100 rounds per hour.

Even online baccarat, blackjack, and roulette move at about half the speed of internet slots. These online games require more time to play hands or let spins conclude.

Making 2x to 5x the amount of hourly bets will naturally increase the amount you lose with slot machines. You can always take a few more breaks in order to lower the speed at which you’re playing.

High House Edge

Slot machines typically have one of the higher house edges in the casino. Land-based machines are especially bad, featuring anywhere from a 5% to 15% house advantage.

Combining 600 spins per hour with a 15% house edge is a disaster. Luckily, you can find plenty of online slots that pay well.

Most internet slots feature between a 4% and 6% house edge. Although not perfect, these house advantages are at least competitive with many casino games.

Trance-like Effect

Slot machines use sounds, graphics, and animations to keep you playing. You may even find yourself in a trance-like state due to these elements.

Setting an alarm on your phone is a good way to prevent these trances. The alarm will jolt you back to reality and keep you aware of how much time has passed.