Slot Machine Placement No Longer True

slot-machine-placementOne of the most interesting pieces of slots “strategy” is the idea of machine placement. This is a somewhat reversible concept that breaks down into the following two beliefs:

1. Casinos either put loose slots in heavily trafficked areas (e.g. by the entrance) so people see big winners when they’re walking by. Meanwhile, tight slots are shoved into the recesses of gaming establishments.

2. Or casinos place their tight slots in popular areas to make more money off of players, while loose slot machines are placed in dark corners.

Where do These Theories come from?

Either way, gaming operators are using a strategy with how their machines are placed on the floor. But it’s definitely worth mentioning that the notion of slot machine placement is nothing more than a myth today.

The whole reason why these ideas came about was due to an interview that gaming expert Frank Scoblete had with one casino manager. People can see the interview in Scoblete’s book Break the One-Armed Bandits, as the casino manager explained how his casino strategically placed slot machines across the floor. So at one time, machine placement wasn’t a complete myth.

Is It Applicable Today?

If you go into casinos these days with the thought that you’re going to win more money by picking slots in crowded or non-crowded areas, you’ll be wrong either way.

In modern times, casino operators are more worried about maximizing time spent on games, rather than bilking players out of money through tight slots. Moreover, management just wants to keep butts in the seats above anything else. So even if they’re offering high-paying slots with 92% to 95% payback, they’re still making money as long as people keep playing.