Why Modern Slots make Bankroll Management Extremely Tough

3d-slotsFrom a pure playing perspective, slots is definitely one of the simpler games in casinos. It can be as easy as pushing a button and waiting to see if you won or lost. However, there’s a lot more to modern slots games than players realize, especially with how they’re designed today. Let’s discuss the sophistication behind slots technology and why it can make managing your bankroll even tougher.

Captivating Games

Slots-makers have come to realize that they can only hold players’ attention for so long with promises of jackpots. Offering incredibly detailed games is a much better to keep people spinning the reels. Technology has helped in this regard because many slots games feature 3D graphics, bonus rounds and exciting animations.

Another thing that’s helping casinos hold players’ interest is partial wins. With so many paylines now available, a person can spend a dollar total across 20 paylines, only earn back 30 cents, and still feel like a winner. As Freakonomics once showed, these partial wins are even more effective at keeping players around than winning big prizes.

Losing Track of Time

With older slots, where you merely pulled a lever and won or lost. And due to this simplicity, it was much easier to walk away from a slots game and preserve your bankroll. However, modern slots make it harder to walk away. Additionally, you may even lose track of time and money after finding a game that you really like.

So it’s even more important that you come into each gaming session with a bankroll management plan in mind. For example, if you have $500 and set a stop-loss limit of $150, it’s important to stick with this amount. If you’re prepared and resolved to sticking to your BRM plan, then you stand a better chance of not losing your entire bankroll in one or two sessions.