Pros and Cons to Slots Freerolls

slots-freerolls-worth-itIf ever there were a reason to play online slots it is this: you can find freerolls!

These are just like they sound, tournaments that offer free money. No B.S. involved, just find an online casino that offers slots freerolls, register and be on time. Sounds easy enough, but as we’ll discuss below, there are some benefits and drawbacks to freerolls that you should consider.


We’ll start with the obvious in that anything you win is FREE. There’s no buy-in to pay and you can get in a freeroll tournament as long as the entry is open. These tournaments are perfect for players who don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on real money slots, yet would like to build a bankroll.

Another benefit to freerolls is that you can play for money without having to risk the bankroll you already have. Anybody who’s seen the house edge slowly grind away their funds knows how big an advantage it is to play free slots while still having an opportunity to earn money.


While there may be no financial cost involved with playing a freeroll tourney, there is a time cost that comes into play. Moreover, how many freerolls are you willing to play and not cash in before you get tired of them?

The time cost is compounded by the fact that most open-entry freerolls see scores of players enter. After all, if there’s free money up for grabs, you can bet slots players will be there trying to win it. So you’ll have a much tougher time earning anything in a $100 freeroll with 2,000 players than you would in a $100 tourney with a $1 buy-in and 100 players.

In the end, you really need to decide whether your time is worth the large amount of players/small prize pools of freerolls. For casual players, these tournaments are great; for those who aspire to win big, sticking with real money slots is the answer.