What’s the Biggest Online Slots Jackpot ever won?

biggest-online-slots-jackpotBrowse around the online slots world and you’re likely to find some very big prizes available. In some cases, these jackpots are even worth millions of dollars! But have you ever wondered what the absolute biggest online prize that’s been won is? Read about this below as we cover the record-online slots jackpot, when it happened and what the winner had to say afterward.

A Quarter turns into Millions

In 2013, the Mega Fortune jackpot had swelled to epic proportions. And a Finnish man in his early 40’s figured that he’d take a shot at the prize, betting a quarter per spin. Much to the man’s surprise, he hit the winning combination for the progressive jackpot and netted a €17.86 million payout – worth about US$24.4 million at the time.

A “Completely Unreal” Experience

As you might have guessed from the vague description above, the Finnish winner chose not to reveal his identity. And we certainly can’t blame him, given how big slots/lottery winners get mobbed if they give up personal details. But he did choose to offer some comments on his amazing windfall.

“It was completely unreal, I laughed and cried all at once,” he said. “Can this really be happening? I wondered. But everything was so out of this world that I can hardly recall any of it. Then I called my girlfriend and told her that a huge win had just come in. She calmed me down and told me to keep both feet on the ground and just sit tight.”

He closed by saying that he hopes to help his relatives out, find a better car, and hire a personal trainer and get in shape. With a fortune worth nearly €18 million, we’re pretty sure that he’s had little trouble doing all of these things in the aftermath of his win.