Macau Slot Machines Up, Vegas Slot Machines Down

Many casino gamers know that Las Vegas slot machines have struggled in recent years. But it appears that Macau slot machines are going in the opposite direction and excelling.

According to, Macau and Singapore are seeing more slot machine play than ever before. This is somewhat strange when considering that baccarat has long been the game of choice for southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, statistics show that Vegas slots revenue has declined 20% over the last 12 years.

Why are Vegas and Macau Slot Machines Moving in Different Directions?

While no bonafide research gives us a clear answer on this question, I have some theories.

First off, Asian casinos have been dominated by mini baccarat tables for years. But this game is starting to lose popularity in Macau and Singapore, meaning something must be gaining ground.

Odds are that more players are moving from baccarat tables to slot machines.

As for Vegas slots, we’ve known for a long time that this is in decline. And this trend will likely continue because Sin City is more of an all-around entertainment destination.

Vegas Slots Downturn Coincides with Video Game Freefall

It was just 5 years ago that I couldn’t pull myself away from Activision’s Call of Duty. But I find myself playing slots on my phone far more than I do picking up a console controller.

This brings us to another interesting point from OneAngryGamer’s report, which is that slots and video games are declining at the same time.

Here’s a telling excerpt:

“… There has been a decline in the electronic entertainment industry, and larger publishers such as Activision and Electronic Arts have had to resort to monetizing software through the gamification of mobile apps, tertiary add-ons, and microtransactions to compensate for decline. Trefis indicates that casinos in Las Vegas have been looking into experimenting with similar gamification to achieve similar success that publishers like Activision and Electronic Arts have found in monetizing mobile apps and add-on software.”

What does It All Mean?

Based on the excerpt above, I believe that console gaming and land-based slot machines are hurting because of mobile technology.

It’s so convenient to play games on smartphones and tablets. That said, fewer people are visiting casinos or spending hundreds of dollars on a gaming console.

This isn’t to say that casino slots and video games will disappear. But their market share could keep declining.