High Slots Volatility & How to Combat It

Slot machines are known as the most-volatile games in the casino. This high slots volatility can be very tough on your bankroll.

Luckily, you can use different ways to combat volatility and improve your chances of staying in the game. You just need to know a few tips on the matter.

I’m going to discuss some important aspects you should know about dealing with volatile slots.

Choose Games with Smaller Jackpots

The reason why slots are so volatile is because they have wide discrepancies between the highest and lowest payouts. Some games even have huge jackpots at the top.

Slot machines are programmed to make up for bigger payouts by not offering frequent prizes. For example, you might only win 20% of your spins when playing all 50 lines.

Slots with a wider discrepancy between the lowest prize and jackpot are usually more volatile. A game with a $1 million jackpot will probably be more unpredictable than one with a $10,000 top payout.

Look for Games with Fewer Bonuses

Another way to spot high slots volatility is by how many bonuses are available. More bonuses generally mean that you have more opportunities to collect large prizes.

You therefore want to look for slots that are’t loaded with bonus features. Games with just 1-2 bonuses don’t have so much RTP wrapped up in the extras.

Some Games Have Ratings for High Slots Volatility

Certain slots developers actually provide volatility ratings in the pay table. You can simply look at the help screen to see which slots have a high or low rating.

Most developers aren’t currently providing this feature. But I can only hope that more slots providers jump on this idea in the coming years.

Until then, you can just look at the jackpot size and number of bonuses to judge the volatility of slot machines.