Slots RNG – Is It Totally Random?

A slots random number generator (RNG) is supposed to provide completely random results. The slots RNG ensures that nobody can predict what result is coming next.

These programs cycle through millions of combinations to deliver seemingly random results. But are RNGs really all they’re cracked up to be?

I’ll discuss this matter by looking at what an expert has to say on the subject. You may be surprised by the answer.

No, the Slots RNG Isn’t Completely Random

You might think that a program which can cycle through countless combinations can provide random results. But Parade contributor Marilyn vos Savant says that this isn’t the case.

“No. Without an outside source of an easily quantifiable yet completely unpredictable phenomenon (for example, radioactive decay, which is impossible to predict) that could provide a seed for such a program,” she explains. “No computer can generate a truly random number.”

What Does the Slots RNG Do Then?

You may be wondering what a slots RNG is worth if it doesn’t provide true random results. Vos Santos says that they’re at least close enough to random.

“But computers can easily provide pseudo-random number generators, which are fine for most purposes. Then again, these programs vary in quality. Your playlist shuffler is likely awful for games!”

You Don’t Have to Worry Too Much About the Randomness of Slots

As vos Santos points out, RNGs aren’t totally random. You have to go deeper into things like radioactive waste to find complete randomness.

But most slots players will be comfortable in knowing that these games are at least random enough. An RNG goes through so many different combinations that no player is ever going to predict the results.

The randomness of slot machines is part of what makes them so fun. You never know what you’re going to get on any single spin!