The Entertainment Cost of Slots

slots-entertainment-costThe non-gambling population often looks at slots as pure gambling. They can’t get past why somebody would risk their money on games that offer a long-term losing proposition. For example, if you play an online slots game with 95% payback, you’re theoretically losing 5 cents on the dollar.

But is this really the way that slots games should be viewed? Or is there a deeper enjoyment to be had through slots that makes the potential losing worth the money? Let’s discuss this matter by looking at how many players view slots these days.

An Entertainment Expense – Not Gambling

In the back of their mind, every slots player hopes to win big. But if they don’t, these players can still have fun with gaming. That’s because slots games are designed better than ever before.

3D slots have really given the industry a boost because they feature excellent graphics, in-depth themes and exciting bonus rounds. These factors combine to make slots more like video games nowadays. So many players are content and entertained as long as they’re winning prizes sometimes and unlocking bonus rounds and free spin modes.

Bankroll Management

Provided one is responsible with their bankroll, they won’t feel like a gambler, but rather somebody who’s just having fun. And the key to feeling like this is developing and following a bankroll management plan.

How your plan looks will all depend upon the specific coin denominations and length of time you play. But just to set up an example, assume that you play dollar slots and make 600 spins an hour on average. If the payback was 95% (a 5% house edge), you’d be losing $30 an hour (1 x 600 x 0.05%).

Assuming your bankroll is worth $500, you could theoretically last almost 17 hours on the machines at this rate. Of course, with the wide variance of slots, you’ll definitely want to plan for less time on the machines than what your theoretical-loss rate suggests. But the key is that you plan ahead and take the stress out of playing slots.