Are Tight Slots as Big of a Deal Nowadays?

tight-slots-gamesIf there’s one thing that slots players dread more than anything, it is tight slots. In contrast to loose slots, this term has come to signify slot machines with low payout percentages. So in order to bypass these games, players have come up with all kinds of thoughts on how to avoid tight slots. Below you can see a quick list of the common thoughts:

– Avoid dark corners because casinos put their tight slot machines here.

– Conversely, avoid populated areas of the floor (e.g. entrances, major aisle-ways) because this is where the tight slots are.

– Don’t play when the casinos are crowded since they turn down payout percentages to take advantage of the situation.

– Never play airport slots (this is usually good advice).

There are other tips about avoiding tight games, but these are the main ones. So do you have to follow this advice to find good-paying slots? Actually, tight slots aren’t as big of a deal nowadays, and I’ll explain why below.

It’s about keeping Players Around – Not Screwing Them

A prevailing thought in the gambling community is that casinos are out to gouge players for as much money as they possibly can. Perhaps this was once the case decades ago, however, casinos now focus on a much different goal.

Their aim is to maximize the amount of time that players spend on the machines. So lowering payout percentages is the opposite way to do this because players get frustrated with losing their money so quickly. Instead, what you’ll usually see are a lot of slots games with payback ranging from 90% to 95%. The latter figure is especially common with online slots.

Still look for Good Payback

Just because tight slots aren’t as prevalent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a little research beforehand. There are still differences between casinos, no matter whether you’re playing in land-based or online casinos. So 15 to 20 minutes of research on prospective casinos’ slots should save you money in the long run.