Bonus Slots

bonus-slotsMany people are initially attracted to slots games due to the prospect of winning lots of money through a single spin. And while this always adds excitement to the equation, it’s nice to have something else to pique your interests. This is where bonus slots come in handy because they give players an opportunity to compete in unique rounds and win additional prizes.

Now the format of a slots bonus round varies depending upon what you’re playing. But to illustrate an example, let’s say that you’re playing the pirate-themed Treasure Island slots; if you unlock a bonus round, you’ll either be picking treasure chests or shooting a cannon to earn additional prizes. As you can see, this is fun because you’re not spinning the reels to win bonuses, but instead doing something entirely different. With online slots bonus rounds being so entertaining, it’s definitely worth discussing them further.

How to unlock Slots Bonus Games

In order to play a slots bonus round, you need to unlock them by getting certain symbols on the reels. Calling on Treasure Island slots again, you’d have to land three or more Cannon symbols anywhere on the reels to unlock the bonus-slots-1bonus game. Other slots may vary in their requirements for unlocking an extra round, but this gives you a good idea about the process.

What Prizes are Available?

The bonuses that you can earn through these side rounds include free spins and money. The latter is obviously nice because it increases your bankroll, while the free spins basically give you a chance to win free money. In regard to how much cash or spins you’ll earn, this all depends upon the bonus slots game you’re playing.

How to know which Games offer Bonus Rounds

Many of the modern video slots these days offer bonus rounds. After all, game-makers have seen the popularity of bonus slots, so they try to incorporate this into each game they offer. Assuming you’re ever unsure about if a certain title offers a slots bonus round, just try it out in free mode. From here you can look at the paytable and see if an online slots bonus game can be unlocked. Assuming an extra round(s) is available, you’ll have something to look forward to besides just spinning the reels.