Treasure Island Slots

treasure-island-slots-1Both treasure hunting and pirates have become two of the more popular themes in online slots. And seeing as how Treasure Island combines both of these themes, it should be no surprise that this is one of the more popular slots games out there.

This game follows the swashbuckling adventures of a Caribbean pirate in search of, what else, but gold and treasure. Okay…so far Treasure Island slots sounds like a lot of other games out there; however, its entertaining graphics, big progressive jackpot and two bonus rounds set Treasure Island apart from the pack. That said, let’s take a quick look at this game’s betting options, progressive jackpot, symbols, graphics and bonus rounds.

Betting Options and Jackpot

One great thing about playing Treasure Island slots is that you’ll have plenty of betting options. You can change coins sizes from $0.01 – $20.00, which is a huge range for any game! Paylines can also be adjusted from 1-20, which creates a betting range of $0.01 – $400.00 per spin.

treasure-island-slotsMoving to the jackpot, this is a progressive slots game so you can win a huge top prize. To unlock the progressive jackpot, you’ll need to get 5 or more Pirate symbols “in view.” Do note that the Gold wild symbol doesn’tĀ substituteĀ for the Pirate when chasing this progressive slots jackpot.

Software and Graphics

Some of the interesting characters/symbols that you’ll come across on the Treasure Island slots reels include a Parrot, Pirate, Cannon, Treasure Chest, Treasure Island Symbol and Swords. What’s nice is that this is a video slots game, so when you hit a winning combination, the symbols will perform fun and exciting actions. Also keep in mind that, in addition to the video slots elements, the graphics are pretty nice too.

treasure-island-slots-2Bonus Rounds

The two available bonus rounds in Treasure Island include the “Treasure Chest Bonus” and “Cannon Bonus.” The latter round starts when 3 or more cannons appear on the reels, and you fire “up the trail” while hoping to hit targets. The Treasure Chest Bonus round sees you select from three available chests to reveal prizes. Both of these extra games are fun and give you a chance to do something other than spin the reels.

Where to find this Game?

Upon first hearing the name ‘Treasure Island’ some players might immediately think this is a Las Vegas slots game. After all, Treasure Island is a well known Sin City casino which houses a number of exciting Las Vegas slots machines.

However, the reality is that you’ll find this particular game amongst the Sky Vegas slots section. Sky Vegas is a very popular online casino and they offer plenty of exciting titles such as Treasure Island. So we highly recommend that you give Sky Vegas slots a try – especially when regarding Treasure Island!