Will Las Vegas Pot Give City’s Slot Machines a Boost?

Sin City will open recreational marijuana dispensaries on July 1. And the hope is that Las Vegas pot shops can give the industry a boost among millennials.

This would be particularly helpful to the slots industry because millennials (1980 to 1999) just don’t play these games like previous generations.

But if there’s one thing that this age group does like, it’s marijuana. Research shows that 7 out of 10 millennials agree with marijuana legalization.

What’s in Store with Las Vegas Pot Dispensaries?

When the clock strikes midnight on July 1, almost 40 Las Vegas Valley medical marijuana establishments canĀ sell to recreational users.

One catch is that businesses won’t be able to operate on the world-famous Vegas Strip.

Nevertheless, the pot shops will surely draw many tourists who can only find recreational marijuana for sale in a handful of states.

Another important stipulation is that Vegas casinos will bar the drug from public use.

Politicians were sure to include this law to prevent second-hand inhalation from non-smokers. Users will instead be confined to private locations.

Those caught smoking are subject to a $600 fine, while driving under the influence of weed can result in up to a $1,000 fine.

What does Legal Marijuana do for Slot Machines?

The downside for casinos and slots-makers is that players can’t simultaneously smoke and spin the reels.

But the upside is that Vegas may draw even more visitors, thus leading to more slots play.

Again, millennials largely don’t play slot machines. But the increased numbers will help anyways.

Skill-based gaming and eSports will benefit greatly. These new additions to Sin City are very popular among millennials and will only see their numbers grow through weed lovers.

One more area that’ll benefit greatly from recreational marijuana is nightclubs.

These businesses will find themselves filled with high people who’ve finished off a couple blounts at the hotel room.