Video Slots

video-slotsDecades ago, the only slots games that you could enjoy were traditional reel slots, which had a limited number of paylines and reels. However, the gaming industry has advanced quite a bit over the past few years and video slots have now come into the picture. If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly the video slots category includes, read on to find out all about them.

What are Video Slots?

Many slots games these days contain interesting features and betting options. However, video slots are a little more advanced than the average game these days and contain active symbols and/or video cut scenes. Upon hitting a winning combination, you’ll often see the symbols perform an action – e.g. a row of dragons might breathe fire. In short, video slots are more advanced and offer additional entertainment beyond just winning prizes.

slots-reels-1Bonus Rounds and Video Elements

As for the bonus rounds in video slots, these often give players a chance to do more than just spin the reels. For example, you might have to defeat enemies as Spiderman or choose your path in a maze so that you can win big prizes. All the while, you’ll feel as if you’ve left the slots world and stepped into a video game!

In regard to the cinematic features, many video slots contain little video sequences that arise during play. For example, a game might have each character/symbol do something different when they appear in a winning combination. Or you could even get to watch a cut-scene video when you reach a bonus game or unlock something special on the reels.

Free Online Video Slots

While the point of most people playing these games is to win money, the great thing is that video slots can be fun even when no cash is on the line. It’s always interesting to unlock a short video or see characters come alive on the reels. Perhaps this is why free online video slots are so popular!

Assuming you’re interested in playing video slots for free, it won’t take you long to get set up. You simply need to visit an online casino and take a few moments to create an account. When you’re finished, an email will be dispatched to your inbox and all that’s left is to verify it. Now you’ll have access to free video slots, and you can later make a deposit if you want to play real money games.