Study claims that Slots Players have Health Problems

overweight-slots-playersI bet you never thought that slots could be hazardous to your health! Well, playing slots games isn’t really hazardous to your health, but the habits that accompany slots aficionados is – at least if we’re to rely on data collected by

This site’s study covered 2,131 gamblers from the UK across a variety of casino games. And slots players were heavily singled out in this study for not being in very good shape. That said, let’s discuss what the study found out about slots players and try to come to a conclusion on the results.

Slots Players have a High BMI and need to exercise more’s study compared the Body Mass Index of a variety of gambler’s against the UK’s national average BMI of 27. And slots players ranked the heaviest with a BMI of 31. Compare this to Pai Gow players, who maintain a much healthier BMI of 21.

If there’s a reason why slots players lead everybody in BMI, it’s because their exercise habits aren’t the greatest. According to the research, only 27.1% of them meet the UK’s physical activity guidelines. The leaders in the exercise category were poker players, as 58% of them meet the weekly exercise guidelines.

What can We take away from this Study?

There’s really no difference from a physical standpoint between playing slots and other casino games. For example, you’re not running laps after every poker hand or jumping rope following Pai Gow hands. So why do slots players measure much larger than other gamers?

Anybody can draw their own conclusions, but the largest number of participants classified themselves as slots players – with 51.3% saying slots is their favorite game.┬áMoreover, slots players had an older average age at 41 than other games like poker (38). And as the study indicates, there’s a tendency for BMI to increase as age increases too.

Read the entire study here and consider why you think slots measured the highest in unhealthy categories.