Slots vs Pokies – What’s the Difference?

Many people have a general understanding of slot machines, but they’re unfamiliar with the term pokies. These same players may wonder what the deal is with slots vs pokies.

The good news is that there aren’t many differences to learn between pokies and slot machines. Nevertheless, I’ll still cover exactly separates the two terms.

Knowing the Differences Between Slots vs Pokies

Australians have their own lingo for slot machines. They call these games pokies, because one pokes buttons over and over again to play.

North Americans and Europeans, in contrast, call these games slot machines. The “slot” aspect refers to how older machines require players to insert coins into slots.

Other than the different terminology, slot machines and pokies are basically the same. They both feature spinning reels, buttons, and big payouts.

Australia Loves Pokies Just as Much as Any Country

You’ve likely seen the term pokies so much because slot machines are really big in Australia.

In fact, the Land Down Under leads the world in per-capita gambling. The average Aussie spends over $1,000 on slots and other types of gaming each year.

Of course, gambling so much isn’t necessarily a good thing. But this distinction shows Aussies’ passion towards slots.

This country features a number of prominent casinos spread throughout its lands. Australians’ love of pokies is one of the biggest driving factors in all of these slots popping up.

Slots vs Pokies – What Do You Choose?

Again, the main differences between slot machines and pokies are merely the names. Most of the world calls these games slots, but Aussies refer to them as pokies.

No official terminology has ever been given to slots. They’re merely named after a specific feature (coin slots) that’s less relevant today than ever before.

This being said, pokies makes just as much sense as anything when labeling slot machines.