Slots Tilt: Is It a Thing?

Poker tilt is a real thing that’s been confirmed by many players. But does slots tilt also exist?

I’m going to discuss this matter by covering what tilt is and why it’s so bad.

Later, I’ll cover how you can combat the negative feelings you experience during a rough slots session.

What Is Tilt?

Tilt is defined as a highly emotional state where you begin making sub-optimal decisions.

A number of occurrences can cause tilt. For poker players, a “bad beat” often sets them off.

A bad beat refers to when a player with the better hand losing due to board cards. They get angry in this situation, because they make the better play and still lose.

Results of tilt include poor bankroll management and bad strategy decisions. Many gamblers realize that they’re making poor decisions, yet continue doing so anyways.

Does Slots Tilt Exist?

Slots doesn’t involve much strategy. Therefore, you can’t make a bad play like going all-in with 8-3 off-suit on a slot machine.

But you can still get frustrated and make silly decisions in slots. Namely, you may play too long and/or increase your bets out of anger.

Neither of these are good ideas. After all, you’re taking on too much risk just because you’re in a bad mood.

What can You Do to Calm Yourself Down?

The good news is that you don’t have to freak out when things are going bad. You can instead use some handy techniques to calm yourself.

First off, you can take a few deep breaths. This simple method does a good job of clearing your mind and getting you to focus.

You can also simply close your eyes for a while. This technique has a calming effect as well.

Here are some more techniques you can do if you ever feel slots tilt coming on.