Slots Facial Recognition Technology – What Does It Do?

Facial recognition helps you unlock smartphones, get into airports, and more. Now, slots facial recognition could be the next be thing.

Las Vegas’ Konami Gaming is currently developing slot machines that features a small camera. This tech will recognize gamblers who’ve registered their photo with a gambling establishment.

Jay Bertsch, VP of Konami, says that players will benefit from not having to handle a VIP card. Many gamblers struggle to keep their player’s club card without losing it.

“We felt like this was the best way to provide an experience for someone,” said Bertsch. “They don’t have to worry about anything.

“They come into the casino to enjoy their time, sit down, they don’t need to worry about a card or some other electronic device. They’re able to experience the machine by just sitting down.”

Will Casinos Use Slots Facial Recognition?

Casinos can decide whether or not they want to use Konami’s facial recognition. Those that do may have to deal with leery customers.

After all, some gamblers want as little data stored with casinos as possible. Bertsch did note that players can opt to have their data deleted.

Overall, he sees slots facial recognition as having a positive overall effect on casino security.

“They can start to identify suspicious activity,” he said. “Identify people who probably shouldn’t be in there who are barred from a regulatory standpoint or barred patrons.”

When Will This Technology Be Available?

Konami doesn’t have a hard date set for the release of their new facial recognition tech. However, they’re shooting for a goal of six to nine months.

Vegas casinos will likely be the first to try these new machines. If they’re a hit in Sin City, then they’ll likely be found in other gambling destinations.

Some players may ultimately appreciate not having to keep track of their VIP cards.