Slots Bonus Rounds Suck

Slots Bonus rounds are one of the most-exciting parts of online gaming. They give you an opportunity to do everything from shoot outlaws to find buried treasure.

Bonuses’ unique aspects make them popular among many gamblers. However, they’re far from perfect.

In fact, slots bonus rounds suck for a few different reasons. Below, I’ll cover the main reasons why bonuses aren’t so great.

The “Bonus” Aspect Is a Lie

The word “bonus” hints that these rounds deliver free money. The reality, though, is that they’re already baked into the payout percentage.

If a game features 96% RTP, for example, then it’ll probably pay 5% of this in the bonus round. Thus, you’re only playing for 91% RTP outside of the bonus.

The casino doesn’t offer free money. Slots bonus rounds are no exception to this norm.

Slots Bonus Rounds Increase Volatility

Slot machines are already the most-volatile games in the casino. They only get worse when they feature bonus rounds on top of the matter.

These bonuses often pay big or little at all. You could win 1,000 coins in one round and 10 coins or less in the next several bonuses.

In a sense, these rounds are like jackpots. Unless you win big in the bonus, then you’re not going to earn much back in the short run.

You Win Less in the Main Game

Again, slots bonuses factor into the payout percentage. You must include all winnings gained in the bonus as part of your overall RTP.

The downside is that you won’t win as much money in the main game. For example, you might play for 90% RTP in the base game and 5% RTP in the bonus round.

90% payback is incredibly low for a slot machine. You’re going to really feel this low payout percentage until you unlock the bonus a few times.