Reel Slots

slots-reels-1To those who first start playing slots, the games can be somewhat confusing because of the different reel amounts. For example, some slots games have just 3 reels while others feature as many as 7 reels. And depending on how many reels are in a game, it could make all the difference in the payout structure. So for those of you who are in the dark about how the amount of slots reels can change a game, let’s discuss this subject in-depth.

3 Reel Slots

Checking in as the most simplistic version, 3 reel games are perfect for those who are just learning slots. As the name implies, you only need to worry about 3 reels here, which really limits the amount of different payout options available. This is especially the case with classic slots, which have 3 reels and just one payline. Of course, there are 3 reel slots with multiple paylines too, but the low number of reels still keeps these games fairly simple to understand.

slots-reels5 Reel Slots

Over the years, slots games have moved from the traditional 3 reel approach to a world dominated by 5 reels. The reason why 5 reel games have become so popular is that they allow designers to slip more payout options, bonus games and video elements into the equation. After all, more space with the game means there are more opportunities to get payouts and unlock bonus rounds. Seeing as how the 5 reel setup is so popular these days, you’ll normally find the biggest progressive jackpots with 5 reel slots too. And this is just one more incentive to try these games out!

7 Reel Slots

You won’t see a whole lot of 7 reel games because they’re just not popular yet. However, you can still try out this slots version by visiting specific online casinos. If you do try 7 reel slots, you might be surprised to find that you don’t actually have to line up 5-7 symbols in a reel to win; instead, you normally only need three symbols in a reel to get one of the smaller payouts. The idea here is that the extra reels give you more chances to win money.

In any case, you needn’t let a new style of game intimidate you if 7 reel games sound interesting. And no matter how many reels a slots title may have, keep in mind that you’ll still be able to earn large payouts and have fun in the process!