Pros & Cons of Online Slots Bonuses

Online casinos commonly use deposit bonuses to draw slots players. Online slots bonuses are a great way to earn free money when you join a casino.

But you should also be aware that there are downsides to these rewards too. That said, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons behind online slots bonuses.

Pros to Internet Slots Bonuses

An internet slots bonus is usually expressed as a match percentage on your deposit. A common example is a 100% match bonus up to $500.

This brings me to the first benefit of online slots bonuses in that you can control how much you receive. You can deposit anywhere from the minimum (usually $20) to $500.

Another perk is that these rewards give you a chance to win free cash for games that you’re already going to be playing anyways.

One more benefit is that most internet casinos offer a variety of online slots bonuses on a regular basis. This gives you a great chance to earn more free money from your play.

Cons to Online Slots Bonuses

The biggest drawback to an internet slots bonus is that you have to earn these. These come with wagering requirements to prevent you from making a deposit and quickly withdrawing your reward.

Another downside is that the average player is going to lose money chasing these bonuses. Standard wagering requirements on a 100% match bonus are 40 times the bonus amount.

If you’re going for a $100 reward, for example, you’d need to wager $4,000 to unlock it (100 x 40). Meanwhile, the average player will lose $200 when playing a slot with a 5% house edge (4,000 x 0.05).

The final drawback is that you can’t make a withdrawal before meeting your wagering requirements. Otherwise, you lose the chance to unlock your bonus.

Use these pros and cons to determine if chasing an online slots bonus is worth your time. I personally find this worth the pursuit when I’m already going to be playing internet slots anyways.