Progressive Slots Betting Requirements are Far Different Today

progressive-slots-changedMany slots players have heard that it’s important to bet the maximum coin size in order to qualify for a progressive jackpot. This advice hearkens back years ago, when jackpots would have a disproportionate jump when betting the max. But these days, players should never automatically assume that they have to bet the max coin size just to win a progressive jackpot.

Here’s the Big Reason why…

Most of the big progressive slots that you see today require players to make a side bet to quality for the jackpot. For example, their regular wager could be just $0.01, and they’d have to make a dollar side bet to have a shot at winning the progressive prize. Now this can still be expensive, however, it’s not as costly as betting the max coin size, then tacking another $1 – $5 on to the regular bet.

Many Games differ

What we discussed above is just one common example of what players can expect with modern progressive slots. But there are plenty of different examples throughout the gaming world. The key is that you MUST read help screens when playing a new slots game. Don’t just assume that every machine is the same because one can differ greatly from the next. For instance, a game could require the max coin size to qualify for the jackpot while another might require playing all of the paylines with no specific coin size.

Try Random Progressive Slots

If meeting requirements and wagering lots of money isn’t your thing, then try random progressive slots. These games randomly pay out jackpots regardless of how much one is betting. This gives everybody an opportunity to win, no matter the size of their bankroll. Just keep in mind that betting a higher coin size improves your overall payback, versus wagering the minimum of $0.01.