Playing Online Slots with a $20 Deposit

Playing online slots is often considered an expensive matter. After all, these games can drain your bankroll rather quickly.

However, you can actually play online slot machines for cheap. In fact, you can play for a long time with as little as a $20 deposit.

I’m going to discuss exactly how you can stretch a tiny slots budget into a lot of online gaming.

Choose Slots with Plenty of Betting Options

The first step to playing online slots for cheap is to pick games with changeable betting options.

Some slots have fixed paylines and higher minimum coin sizes. For example, you might find a 50-line game with a $0.02 minimum coin ($1 minimum bet).

You want to avoid these games for our purposes. Instead, you should select games that allow you to change the lines and coin amount.

Pick the Lowest Coin Size and Fewer Lines

The next step is to adjust betting options to lower amounts. You definitely want to set your coin to $0.01, because you don’t gain anything from a higher coin size.

Lines should be set at anywhere from 1-15. We suggest playing at least a few lines so that you have more opportunities to win money.

In any case, the goal when playing online slots is to keep your spin costs low. This way, you get more entertainment out of your $20.

Play Slots with Low Volatility

Not all online slots have volatility ratings. But you’ll definitely benefit by playing games that do feature these ratings.

Low volatility gives you a better chance at winning any kind of prize on each spin. Therefore, you replenish your bankroll faster and can keep playing.

Of course, low volatility slots don’t offer as big of jackpots. But you must make this sacrifice in order to win prizes more often.