Picking Slots Games: 3 Factors to consider

great-jackpot-strategyEvery decade, the slots world gets more and more advanced in its selection of games. Nowadays, you can expect highly detailed video slots that are bursting with 3D graphics, betting options and bonus rounds. But while all of this variety is definitely great, it doesn’t make your job of picking good slots games any easier. That said, let’s discuss three big factors that you should consider when choosing slots games.

1. Game Theme

In the old days, when 3-reel slots dominated casinos, a game’s theme was mainly signified by the graphic/banner at the top. There was no concentrated effort to provide symbols and bonus rounds that truly synced up with a slots game’s theme. But this has changed in a big way because there are actually storylines in certain games that really add something to the overall experience.

2. Betting Requirements

By betting requirements, I mean what you’ll have to bet to qualify for the jackpot and/or certain bonuses. Some games require that you wager the max coin size to qualify for the jackpot, while others make you play every payline with no regard to the coin size. So before you start betting money on a game, be sure to check out the paytable; this will reveal what type of bet you have to make to qualify for everything.

3. Bonus Round

For some players, the bonus game adds so much to their slots experience. And in these cases, simple free-spin bonus rounds just won’t do! So again, look at the paytable and see how the bonus round runs, whether it be a guessing game or skilled-based. The latter variety is definitely exciting for players who want some control over their long-term slots results.

And don’t forget the Jackpot Size…

One final point here, many players also value the jackpot size greatly. So if your dream is to get rich through slots, then you should pick a big progressive slots game. If you’re mainly in this for the experience/fun, then choose a jackpot that’s small-to-moderate because you have a better chance of winning.