Payline Slots: Why They’re a Dying Breed

Slot machines exclusively featured paylines for years. Payline slots were basically accepted as a norm throughout the gaming industry.

However, new types of slot machines have come out within the past decade that could put payline slots out of order.

You can keep reading to find out more about the revolutionary slot machines along with why payline games are in trouble.

243 Ways Slots Introduce New Concept

Microgaming was the first developer to truly buck the conventional payline model. They created a 243-ways slot called Burning Desire in 2009.

Burning Desire doesn’t feature traditional lines like regular slot machines. Instead, it offers wins when matching symbols land in adjacent reels.

Using this model, a 5-reel slot on a 5×3 grid would offer 243 ways to win. To arrive here, you simply multiply the spaces in each reel: 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243 ways

Megaways Slots Are Really Threatening Status Quo

243-ways slots have since become more common in the gaming world. However, their popularity peak was nothing like what’s seen with Megaways slots today.

A Megaways slot machine also offers payouts from matching symbols in adjacent reels. The catch, though, is that the reel heights can differ.

For example, a six-reel slot might feature between two and seven symbols in each reel. If all reels are maxed out at seven symbols, then the game would offer 117,649 ways (7x7x7x7x7x7).

Developed by Big Time Gaming (BTG), these games have become extremely popular among gamblers. Certain developers are even licensing the BTG-created Megaways slots.

Will Payline Slots Be Around in the Future?

Payline slot machines have some serious competition these days. 243-ways slots have become quite common today.

Meanwhile, Megaways slot machines are the hottest thing in online gaming right now.

I still believe that payline slots will stick around to some degree. But they won’t be the set standard as time goes on.