New York Slots Players Keep Destroying Machines

Some slot machine players are sore losers. But New York slots players are taking things to another level by smashing machines when they’re frustrated.

Police tell the New York Post that dozens of slot machines have been damaged at Resorts World Casino in Queen.

Numerous New York Slots Players Have been Arrested

Resorts World opened in October 2011. New York police have arrested 491 people at the casino for criminal mischief since this time.

Overly angry slots players who destroy machines after losing lead to most of these arrests. “They’re very fragile, and they’re easy to break,” a police source said of the machines.

“Guys sometimes punch it hard, other times they just tap it. Sometimes they can’t believe [they broke them].”

Resorts World officials give raging gamblers a chance to pay for the damages. Fixing the games generally costs between $600 and $1,400.

It’s only when the players refuse to ante up the money that the casino calls the police. Criminal mischief charges usually follow after the authorities arrive.

What can Resorts World Do to Prevent This Problem?

It doesn’t seem like Resorts World can do much to stop New York slots players from breaking games. The police themselves said that the machines are fragile and break easily.

The only thing the casino can do is continue giving players a chance to pay for the broken games. This sometimes works and prevents the authorities from having to get involved.

Perhaps the manufacturers could also make sturdier slot machine cabinets. But this may not ultimately be feasible, especially regarding the glass covering the game screen.

Expect Resorts World to try some new tactics, because they’re currently dealing with a lot of broke machines. And down games mean that the casino isn’t making money with these slots until they’re repaired.